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CBS Best Local Los Angeles Artist

Tony was featured in an article by Kristine G. Bottone in CBS LA about the best local artist after seeing his gallery showing in Los Angeles.

"In the many cases where life imitates art, for street photographer Tony Salvagio life is art. Salvagio takes to the streets armed with a camera and an abundance of time searching for subject matter. Somedays it finds him. The spontaneity, the rhythm and the unpredictability of street life is what lures him around, across and through the city. Salvagio’s street scenes become a frozen moment of a chaotic ballet and his cityscapes like black and white poetry without words. “The beauty of street photography is that the world is constantly changing and I get to document these moments that only last a fraction of a second and immortalize them.” His original start in LA was to write for TV and film but became more interested in production. Salvagio bought a camera, took a few classes at Glendale Community College and photographed the Occupy LA movement as his first personal assignment. From there, Salvagio’s photographs have been published in magazines and won several awards."

Click here to read more of the article.

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